Friday, September 16, 2016

"Missions mode" mode in Ghost 1.0

Dear reader:

Today I'll write about videogame design. In particular, about a new mode I'm starting to work in my game Ghost 1.0.

The "Missions mode"

The "missions mode" is a set of simple, short and independent missions. The duration will be around 5 to 15 minutes each one, having a different and unique goal.

Unlike other main modes (classic and survival), this one will have no story, no skill tree, and there will not be progression in the character (the game will not be saved).
This mode is basically focused in playing small games when time is low, or just when the player doesn't want to play something complex.


Something I usually enjoy as a player is to be overpowered, said in other words, to be a killing machine and destroy my enemies just by breathing. 
As a player this is really fun, but as a game designer it's a total nightmare because it breaks the rhythm of the game ruining the gameplay.

However, the advantage of being short independent missions is that I can let the player be overpowered and have fun in this way, as it will not have repercussions in further missions because the game is never saved.  It's like the groundhog day: no matter what you do, tomorrow you'll start from scratch.

As an example, the goal of the first mission I'm working in is to collect 20 drones.
At first the player starts destroying whatever with the basic gun. But the more drones he picks up, the bigger the cloud of drones grows, becoming a increasingly powerful weapon that destroys any enemy.

This is a picture of the cloud of drones that will follow you:


I'm thinking in creating 3 achievements per mission. One should be just to finish the mission, and two more just to do something specific within it.
In the example of drones, an achievement could be "not to hurt enemies with your gun", therefore, let drones annihilate all enemies in all rooms. I tested it and the gameplay actually changes.

Diversity and fun

My goal is to create diverse and, overall, fun missions. I'll do my best to surprise you in each one... and maybe I'll troll the player a little bit (it's one of my best hobbies, bwa ha haaa!!)

Of course, any idea for a missions is welcomed. Should you have one, just leave it in a comment.

Thanks for reading!

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